Today’s miles: 19
Total miles: 4,353.04

Alright for those of you that don’t know, there’s a brutal fire burning in Big Sur. That’s the section of highway 1 right after Monterey.

You can travel it, but you can’t camp there because the firefighters are using the sites. The air quality is also horrible.

So, I opted for Amtrak.

Biked 20 cold miles inland to Salinas to catch it. It was going to be this whole ordeal of breaking down the bike and boxing it to check it.


Well, in a turn of events, I walk into the station and the guy looks at me and goes (dude, you want to get on this bus and you won’t have to check the bike or break it down. Just put it under the bus?)

Yes. Yes I do.

I got to leave an hour early and save some money.

So I scored with perfect timing, got on the three-hour bus to the high end town of “SLO” and prepared for tomorrow.

Easy days, easy days.

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  1. Susan burns Reply

    Way to go big guy!! Love reading your adventures and so proud of you 💕 You are almost there, be safe, stay well and see you soon, ❤️ Susan

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