Today’s miles: 48
Total miles: 4,554.04

I was on highway 1 up until I hit the bike path that begins in Santa Monica. That path goes on for quite a while.

We leave Oxnard and get into a much more scenic area fast on the approach to Malibu. The houses there were intense, each unique from its neighbor but way too big.

Everything was super high end, too.

After that, I had some mountains on my left. There was some traffic and lots of bikers, but I had a great shoulder.

Showed up to a crowded Santa Monica Boardwalk. It is the weekend anyway…

I’ll be in the hostel here for a couple of days.

Turns out I didn’t take any pictures other than that and I wonder why…. I’m writing this a week later, and thinking back I remember it being hot. Probably didn’t want to stop.

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