Today’s miles: 54
Total miles: 4,608.04

And we’re off after several days of no riding … And my legs are hating me.

To be honest, I think they were under the impression that the riding was done.

Most of the morning was spent on wonderful bike trails along the beach, but once I hit Redondo it ended.

I had to go inland to a not-so-amazing area. It got pretty stressful with constant turns and having to check my map every minute. But I made it to long beach and back to the bike trail.

Now that I’m this far south it’s HOT. Noticeably. As in I need to carry more water than I anticipated.

Made it to Costa Mesa after having lunch with Mike Wagner in Hutchinson Beach. Thanks again! That was a treat.

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  1. Tom Brennan Reply

    You are absolutely amazing
    So proud of you !!!!! R C B Is Watching you with complete amazement !!!!!!

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