Today’s Miles: 47
Total Miles: 4685.04

You all thought I forgot about you, didn’t you?

Nope. What I usually do is write the blog on my phone, and that worked out swimmingly for the trip. Now, when the phone breaks on the final day…. It doesn’t anymore.

But, I’m back home now writing these final two posts for you all. I did lose some pictures (they were on that phone) but it’s okay. We shall survive.

Today was H.O.T. HOT. Luckily humidity isn’t a factor here. But the serious drought is….

I biked along the coast for most of the day (on pretty busy roads may I add). BUT all that was after I got to bike through a Marine Corps base. Yep…. That’s right.

I wish I had those photos… I could see them all training and marching for eight miles. It was its own little world in there. I actually had to sign up to bike through (and sign my life away) online before I left on this trip. I got to the front gate and they scanned my driver’s license to make sure I had registered. If I hadn’t, I would have been riding the interstate for 8 miles. It’s the only other option…..

Someone told me I’d enter the base and come out four years later as a better man. Well, luckily for me it was only an hour.

After the base it was hectic riding, but gorgeous. I saw plenty of water, humvees, and sunlight.

I made it to my last warmshowers hosts of the trip. Jim and Jan made a great meal and entertained me with good conversation for my final night before I meet my parents in San Diego.

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