Today’s Miles: 30
Total Miles: 4715.04

That’s all folks.

Today’s ride started well-fueled thanks to Jan and Jim. They gave me plenty of fruit and carbs for breakfast.

I followed my route down the coast a little bit (and over a pretty gnarly climb). But, we’ll call that the last climb of the trip. Worth it.

I went by Torrey Pines and then after that it seemed like I was turning every half mile. That’s not that big of an issue, but when I have to keep on stopping to consult my map it gets quite warm…..

Down some roads, up some hills, back down, and along a long bike path I arrived to meet my parents at a park.

4,715 miles later I got the chance to dip my front tire in the Pacific Ocean after doing the same to my rear tire three months earlier.



  1. Bill Ernst Reply

    Congratulations Phil!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure with us.

    Bill & Marsha
    Mt. Vernon, Ohio

  2. Lynn lynch Reply

    Your my hero!!! Such a lifetime accomplisment!!! Congrats!!!

    Lynn lynch

  3. I can see the emotion on your mom’s face and it made me tear up a bit. Congrats to you, what an accomplishment!

  4. Such agreat final post. I love the photo of a hug with your Mom, I can just sense the utter relief she must have felt to have you back safely.

    Well done Phil, what a momentous achievement X

  5. Julie Pollard Reply

    Congratulations Phil! It’s been a pleasure following your journey. A great tribute to Ryan Brennan. Go Prep and go Flyers!

  6. Anne Costello Reply

    Congratulation!!! You did it!!! Great pic’s along the way and at the finish line with your mom and dad too. They look so happy to see you! Ryan kept you safe and watched over you. What a great experience you had and what an accomplishment! Will miss your posts. Congratulations again!!!

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