There I am, protecting Dominica after a morning in the office.

The Botanical Gardens sit on the edge of Dominica’s capital, Roseau.  They’re home to big fields used for sports and are filled with trees showing off every color.  Towards the back there’s a conservation center for their national bird, the Sisserou.  And behind that is an Aztec looking entrance to Jack’s Walk – a vertical hike to Roseau’s best view.

IMG_0233As a visitor this is an must see.  Most hotels are in Roseau and are within walking distance; even the cruise dock is right there.  Even better, it barely takes any time out of your day – 30 minutes at the most.  And, Jack’s Walk is one of the easiest “hikes” on the island – just don’t go while the noon sun is blazing like we did.

When we got there we couldn’t find the entrance.  I asked a man where to go, and he stood up and walked us right to it.  The people here are very helpful, especially the older generation.  As we walked he kept saying, “don’t go straight, you’ll loop back.”  If you’re ever there, just repeat those words in your head.

We went up the steps, followed the sign, and saw what he meant.  Don’t go straight (left), you’ll loop back.

IMG_0238     IMG_0239

The first staircase then led to several more.  They weren’t all bad, but some sets rivaled a stairmaster.  Knowing it’s a short walk helped numb the pain.  It’s pretty easy to trick your mind when there’s a great view in reach.

As we walked the hard path the bushes around us kept shaking.  Each loud movement scared off another group of lizards.  They’re fearless; they leaped off the edge like it’s nothing.  After a bunch of zig-zagging steps we got to the peak.  Right then we saw a monument and a leftover British war cannon.  Of course we had to sit on it and get pictures, there’s no question about it.


From this height the city buildings looked like monopoly houses thanks to the ocean.  It looked so peaceful.  Roseau is so busy during the day, but so calm from up here.  We could also see what looked like ants in the stadium preparing for tomorrow’s soccer game against Canada.

We were in the same stadium last week for a cricket match against Australia.  It took us two hours to understand it, but we made up for lost time over the next five hours.  It was an exciting day, and I’ll have to check out the quicker “tests” of cricket in the future.  The fans were so alive and one deafened us with a vuvuzela.  West Indies lost, but you’d never know in the smiling faces of the locals.

I’m sold on the sport and I’m sold on this walk.  It was so quick and worthwhile that I’ll be doing it as much as possible after work.

Speaking of work….

I swear I’ll write about it one day soon; our adventures are just too fun to write about.



  1. Looks so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the cricket, It’s a very sociable game. We enjoy enjoy watching Thomas play most Friday nights

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